A Wish

The past has taught me what to avoid and yield to

I suppose they’re the reasons this quest is so hard   

I can’t bare weak and forced compatibility 

My daydreams are full of romance and partnership . . . 


You claim you want me.

You know what I can do.

I have proven myself,

when and where executed . . .


My beauty,

if I indeed possess any,

has not gotten me far in this world.

My beauty receives the bare minimum . . .

Time Well Spent

What are you feeling right now?

I can see something has come over you,

especially in your silence.

Or is it I . . .

A Case of Cynicism

Heartbreak is inevitable.

It seems to be more rife than true devotion.

I’m not sure it even exists.

Why would it . . .

A Monitor

I see all these titles and images

So pretty and interesting

But thousands of years have passed

They all look the same . . .

My Ode to Women

Oh, women, you gals can't win.
Or, so it seems, according to women.
Shamefully, I finally see women's disadvantages,
blinded by my respect,
shocked they are also perpetuated by women . . . 

My Society


These people
They are are so wrapped up in something I can't see

or feel

Even now
I can't get into the "spirit" . . . 

Dance With Me

Shut your mouth!
Be quiet!
Who knows what is real now?
I didn't trust you anyway . . .