The War : Episode 1

The first installment of a series of short stories that blend satire, drama, politics, moral issues, religion, science and sex to explore and highlight the queerness and fantasy of life.

In pursuit of rebuilding Embridge, once a great and prosperous town, a war of morals and politics is brewing among private sectors and vigilantes. Its future and the opportunity to dictate it is the precious prize worth fighting for.

The parties involved work behind normalcy yet are easily targeted by comparable opponents. They all will be provoked and forced into action while enduring major revelations.

Defenses will escalate high.

Extraordinary ammunition awaits.

The innocent must choose to play or submit.

Let's find out who wins! 

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Report : Remainder of Earth


The species was capable of extraordinary achievement.

They expressed their understanding of self effectively and willingly.

Yet, these two facts enticed the worst of their character.

The last of Earth’s reality is now entombed behind safety glass.

The horrors needed to be contained, locked away and studied for future avoidance.

I can’t bare observation anymore . . . 

New Constitution

We need to write a new constitution.


It's about time.

That's outrageous. No one would ever back you. 

The people will.

Please. You're asking for trouble.

Trouble? No. I'm after revolution. 


Poor Warrior

You want to hear a fairytale? Okay. How about a legend? I have one in mind, the greatest of them all, and a story about how our generation came to be. It’s called Poor Warrior.    

Casimir Viccinous III of Allourienne, a mighty village where Prairie West is now, was the only one that made it back home, to his surprise, completely abandoned. Thankfully, there were no signs of death, no wreckage to the architecture, just barren.